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  • Bayer is doing everything it can to STOP pesticide lawsuits.

Bayer is doing everything it can to STOP pesticide lawsuits.

Plus: Do certain medications lead to weight gain?

Thursday. We don’t mince words on the Daily Tonic when it comes to the state of our collective health in the U.S. The situation is not good. Scratch that—things are pretty dire, and we need to turn things around ASAP. Obesity rates keep climbing, our mental health is in the toilet, addiction and fatal overdoses are at all-time highs, and chronic disease is becoming more and more widespread. 

So what are we doing about it? The world’s largest fast-food chain is making it easier for Americans to construct their own donut burger. In its attempt to boost breakfast and snack sales, McDonald’s will soon sell Krispy Kreme donuts all day at restaurants across the U.S. (don’t believe me? CLICK HERE). 


Moving on to something equally as frustrating, let’s talk about Big Ag and their latest effort to screw us over and get away with it. Let’s dive in.

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The Big Ag Playbook For Staying Out Of Trouble

In some not-so-surprising news, agrichemical companies, prominently led by Bayer, are bobbing and weaving to shield themselves from litigation related to pesticide exposure. And Big Ag is not just aiming to fend off existing lawsuits; they are also seeking to establish a legal framework that could potentially protect the industry from claims of pesticide-related health claims in the future (READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE). 

Iowa and Idaho have become battlegrounds where proposed legislation could significantly alter the landscape of legal accountability for pesticide manufacturers. If passed, these bills would prevent individuals from suing manufacturers because they failed to warn about the cancer risks or other illnesses linked to pesticide use. This legislative push comes amidst a climate where trust in pesticide safety remains strong, especially in agricultural communities, despite mounting evidence and legal challenges showing serious health risks.

The backdrop to this issue is a complex web of public health concerns, regulatory standards, and industry influence. For instance, Iowa has reported a spike in cancer rates, positioning it as the state with the second-highest cancer rate in the United States. Such alarming statistics have fueled debates over the role of pervasive pesticide use in public health crises, particularly cancers and other serious illnesses. Yikes. 

Critics argue that Bayer's strategy, which involves lobbying for state laws that effectively remove the option for individuals to seek legal recourse for health damages, represents a significant overreach of corporate influence in public and regulatory spheres. Yeah, you think? 

And this is all part of a broader industry effort to undermine the scientific evidence linking pesticide exposure to health risks, including efforts to sway research outcomes and discredit independent studies that reveal potential dangers.

It doesn’t stop there; these state-level legislative efforts are part of a larger, nationwide strategy by the pesticide industry to solidify its legal defenses. This includes lobbying for federal legislation that would restrict states' abilities to enact their own regulations on pesticide use, further entrenching the industry's control over how pesticides are regulated and challenging individual states' autonomy to protect public health.


The legislative initiatives in states like Iowa and Idaho, alongside proposed federal laws, underscore a pivotal moment in the ongoing conflict between agrichemical companies and advocates for public health and environmental safety. The outcomes of these legislative battles could have profound implications, not only for the legal landscape surrounding pesticide use and accountability but also for the broader discourse on corporate influence, regulatory integrity, and the right of individuals to seek justice for health harms.

The key takeaway? Aside from the fact that Big Ag sucks, the best thing we can do is to stay informed. As these developments unfold, the core issues at stake – public health, environmental protection, and the balance of corporate power versus individual rights – remain critical. 

The pushback from public health advocates, environmentalists, and concerned citizens highlights the ongoing struggle to ensure that regulatory practices and legal frameworks serve the public interest, prioritizing safety and transparency over corporate profits. We can’t let Big Ag win here. We just can’t.

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