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"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it." - Charles R. Swindoll

Tuesday. Hopefully, you got to enjoy the three-day weekend and didn’t miss us too much when an email from us didn't hit your inbox yesterday morning. We figured your inbox would be slammed with Labor Day sales, so we took the day off. At the Daily Tonic, we were out doing Daily Tonic things. We drank plenty of water, ate delicious nutrient-dense foods, hit the gym for some resistance training, got some steps in, and patiently waited for Tuesday so we could send out another email. So here we are — refreshed and ready to go. Let’s dive in.

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It’s Never Too Late

Many people hold back from starting their fitness journey because they believe they're too old or have some sort of health limitation. But this is just a myth — it's never too late to start training, regardless of age or current health condition. Training, especially resistance training, has many benefits that can significantly enhance the quality of life for anyone at any stage in life.

The benefits of resistance training are huge! We have covered some of these before, but they are worth mentioning again. Research continuously shows how lifting weights can positively affect the body, especially as we age. For instance, it can increase bone density, which can be crucial in avoiding osteoporosis. Beyond bone health, resistance training also shields the mind from cognitive issues like dementia, aids in preventing injuries, particularly from falls, lowers the risk of various cancers, and contributes to heart health.

And the most interesting part of all those benefits is that those are all the very concerns that often accompany aging. One could argue that resistance training is particularly essential for us as we age. It’s basically the fountain of youth disguised as a barbell, a pair of dumbbells, a couple of kettlebells, and a set of resistance bands.

Listen, I get it. It's not uncommon for people to face challenges as they age. Hormonal shifts and changes are just part and parcel of the aging process for both men and women. Our joints get noisier and achier, our energy levels wane, we get stiffer, and life gets busier. Yet, the beauty of training is that it provides tools to navigate these challenges better.

Beginning a fitness journey might feel daunting, especially if you think you're starting from scratch. However, every bit of effort counts. Even if it's not the conventional training one might imagine, simple activities like breathing exercises or walking can lay a foundation, and you can build from there. Tracking your progress, even if it's counting breaths or steps, is a form of training. Over time, these small steps can accumulate, and you might find yourself progressing to more intensive forms of exercise like resistance bands or lighter weights.

Everyone, at some point in their life, also faces setbacks. There might be instances when one has to press pause on their regular fitness routines due to health reasons, accidents, or surgeries. During such times, it's important to remember that setbacks are never permanent. With a bit of persistence and a whole lot of patience, it's always possible to get back on track.

Even when you're at your lowest, starting small can lead to significant progress. Everyone, at some point, may need to start from scratch. Whether it's due to age, health issues, or other personal challenges, the important thing is to take that first step.

The key takeaway? Don't let preconceived notions about age or health hold you back. If you aren’t doing so already, it’s time to embrace resistance training and all its benefits. Whether you're young and fit or facing the golden years, there's always room to start (or restart) your fitness journey.

And if you are already rocking and rolling with a resistance training routine, don't hesitate to introduce it to your loved ones. Spreading the word about the benefits of resistance training can make a huge difference in someone's life, and you could be the catalyst that helps them embark on that journey.

Tonic Shots

1. Simple, Delicious, Packed With Protein

What do you need to turn all your weight-training efforts into lean muscle? You need protein! This turkey burger has it all. Enjoy!

2. Pumpkin Season Is Here!

Skip the pumpkin spice latte and get some of this chicken chili instead. Packed with protein and flavor, this is the ultimate post-workout meal!

3. Yogurt Bowl For The Win!

I love Greek yogurt. Add some carbs in the form of granola and fruit, and you have everything you need to replenish and rebuild after a tough workout. Enjoy!

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