The case for going dry this January.

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“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Wednesday. One of Google’s top trending gifts this holiday season was a $499 “dog bed for humans.” (Read More) You can do with that information as you wish. I, for one, prefer a human bed for humans. Moving on from the holiday season to resolution season, you might be considering giving Dry January a try. Here’s why that might be a good idea. Let’s dive in.


The Case For Dry January

Dry January, the annual challenge to abstain from alcohol for the first month of the year, often begins on a whim for many, sometimes even as a reaction to overindulgence on New Year’s Eve. Maybe you had a little too much champagne. 

Experts emphasize that while Dry January isn’t a replacement for treatment in cases of alcohol use disorder, it can offer a mental and physical reset for those seeking a healthier start to the year. A study from 2016 supports this (Link to Study), revealing that participants were drinking less six months after Dry January than they did before.

The key to a successful Dry January lies in intention and preparation. So, what are some strategies experts suggest to maximize the benefits of this alcohol-free month?

Telling friends and family about your plan can create a support system and accountability, which are crucial for habit formation. Sobriety coaches recommend finding a friend or partner to join you. Together, the collective support and reduced questioning can make the process easier.

Another important thing you can do is identify triggers. Understanding the environmental or situational cues that lead to drinking is essential. Disrupting these cues is critical to changing habits. For example, if you typically drink in certain social situations, altering these contexts can help curb the habit.

Another helpful strategy is to create friction points. Adding extra steps or effort to your drinking routine can significantly reduce the likelihood of engaging in that behavior. For example, you could move alcohol or wine glasses out of easy reach. 

Or you could also get rid of all the alcohol in the house. Clearing your home of alcohol, especially your favorite drinks, can reduce temptation. This step is especially important if the presence of alcohol in your home makes it challenging to abstain.

Finally, replacing the time you would typically spend drinking with other activities is essential. This could mean finding new relaxation techniques before bed or engaging in enjoyable activities. Experimenting with different methods and rewarding yourself for abstaining can make the process more enjoyable and less of a struggle.

It is also worth noting that you may not want to take on too many big changes at once, like combining Dry January with a new diet. Focusing on one significant change at a time is important to increase your chances of success. If you cut out booze, other habits will probably also improve on their own. That said, it’s best to focus on just one thing instead of intentionally trying to change everything at once. 

The key takeaway? Dry January is a great way to start the year on the right foot. Keep in mind these strategies are not just about abstaining from alcohol; they’re about reevaluating your relationship with it and potentially developing healthier habits. Dry January is an opportunity for experimentation and curiosity, allowing you to explore alternative activities that don’t involve alcohol. 

The ultimate goal is to find balance and discover new, healthier routines that extend beyond just the month of January. Who knows? This might be the start of a completely new and improved lifestyle and relationship with drinking. 


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