The case for New Year’s resolutions.

Plus: Recipes to kick off 2024 on the right foot.

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Monday.  Happy New Year! Here’s to a year full of health, “lols,” and hopefully not too much corruption from Big Food and Big Pharma. Call me a dreamer. 

Now, let’s talk about the hottest topic on January 1st: New Year’s resolutions. Are they helpful? Let’s dive in.

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How To Do “New Year’s Resolutions” The Right Way 

When the clock struck midnight last night, millions of people around the world pledged to make positive changes in their lives. You know, New Year’s resolutions—the beginning of the year promises to ourselves that often get a bad rap for being short-lived. But is it true that resolutions never work? What do experts have to say about the effectiveness of these annual commitments and how to make them stick?

The idea that New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail is somewhat misleading. A closer look reveals that many individuals do experience benefits from setting these goals at the start of the year. In a 2019 survey by YouGov involving nearly 1,200 U.S. adults, about 40% of participants made New Year’s resolutions

Interestingly, 16% of these individuals managed to keep all their resolutions, while 44% kept some of their promises throughout the year. This means that nearly two-thirds of those who set resolutions achieved some level of success. That’s pretty good. 

A key reason behind the effectiveness of New Year’s resolutions lies in the ‘fresh start effect.’ This psychological phenomenon, highlighted by experts in this Washington Post article, refers to specific dates that give us a sense of a new beginning, motivating us to pursue positive changes. New Year’s, along with other holidays, birthdays, and even Mondays, can be powerful triggers for this effect. Experts explain that these dates feel like a new chapter, providing extra motivation to strive for change.

However, setting resolutions is not just about choosing a date. It’s about setting achievable and enjoyable goals. This is why behavioral science experts advise making resolutions at a time that aligns with the nature of the goal. This is another reason why January is such a good time to make positive changes. The holidays can make it difficult to prioritize physical activity and healthy nutrition choices. January offers an opportunity to turn that around. 

To increase your chances of sticking to your resolutions, it can be helpful to make a detailed plan. This includes considering potential obstacles and planning how to overcome them. If you want to exercise more, decide on the specific days, location, and how you’ll handle logistics like child care and meals. 

Another helpful strategy is to subtract rather than add. Eliminate activities or commitments that no longer serve you to make room for new goals. It’s also crucial to forgive yourself for any failures along the way. Experts emphasize that success shouldn’t be seen as a pass-or-fail scenario. Instead, celebrate the small victories, even if they don’t amount to 100% success.

The key takeaway? New Year’s resolutions aren’t inherently doomed to fail. Many people do see at least partial success in fulfilling their goals. The trick lies in making a well-thought-out plan that increases your chances of success. So, as you ring in the New Year, remember that your resolutions can be more than just wishful thinking. With the right approach, they can be the first steps towards meaningful change in your life and a healthier 2024. 

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Crash diets and your metabolism

Body Weight Scale

When it comes to buzzwords you’ll hear coming out of the health and nutrition space, few words are more common than “metabolism.” Your metabolism is the complex biological system that determines how quickly you burn calories and fat. Scroll through some of the most common pieces of nutrition advice, and metabolism is everywhere.

Supplements claim to increase your metabolism, and apparently, certain foods can do the same. Eating tiny meals throughout the day is another one that is supposed to help speed things up. There is an endless list of (exaggerated) “hacks” that are supposed to increase your metabolism, helping you effortlessly melt away fat. However, an equally important but often overlooked fact is how easily our metabolism can be disrupted by a common weight loss approach — quick, drastic diets.

Remember 'The Biggest Loser,' that popular reality show where contestants vied to lose weight? Sure, the dramatic weight loss figures made for good TV (one contestant even shed a whopping 200 pounds!), but what unfolded once the spotlight was off was even more astonishing, and not in a good way. Researchers followed the contestants after the show.

Tonic Shots

1. Kick The Year Off With Some Pudding!

Overnight quinoa pudding is a great, easy way to prep a breakfast you and your body will love! Enjoy.

2. I Know We’ve Shared This Before, But…

These salmon sheet-pan eggs are a favorite of ours! There is no better way to get a healthy dose of protein and healthy fats to kick off your day and the New Year! Enjoy!

3. Another Fancy Egg Recipe

A fancy egg benny with a delicious yogurt sauce. Eggs don’t have to be boring. Enjoy!

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