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Friday. And just like that, here is the last Daily Tonic of 2023. Oh, what a year it has been. For everyone who participated in our poll earlier this week and mentioned these little intro paragraphs, I wanted to send you a special thank you. I really try to make these a little humorous because we could all use a bit more “lol” in our lives. That said, no jokes today. All we have is a bunch of gratitude for all our readers and our best wishes for you and your family as we enter the New Year.

Well, we do also have a topic to cover. Let’s talk about gluten and whether going gluten-free is worth the hype. Let’s dive in. 

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To Gluten Or Not To Gluten? That Is The Question. 

The holiday season is officially wrapping up, which means the New Year and resolution season is right around the corner. So what are you thinking about changing when the clock strikes midnight this Sunday? Maybe you are considering cutting back on processed foods—not a bad idea. Perhaps you are committing to more protein and veggies with every meal—I like that, too. 

Or maybe you are thinking about going gluten-free. Well, before you do that, let’s dive into the world of gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy, and Celiac disease to debunk myths and provide a little clarity.

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, is a common component of many foods. For most, it poses no health risk. However, for some individuals, gluten can trigger adverse reactions, leading to conditions like gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy, or Celiac disease. So, what's the difference between these conditions, and how do they affect the body?

Gluten sensitivity is characterized by symptoms like bloating, gas, or fatigue after consuming gluten-containing foods. This is the most common of the three and usually goes unnoticed by many people. You may not feel like a million bucks after a slice of pizza or a bagel, but you think nothing of it.

Wheat allergy involves an allergic reaction to wheat proteins, including but not limited to gluten. Like any other allergy, this can cause symptoms ranging from digestive issues to life-threatening anaphylaxis. Finally, Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder, occurs when the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine, impairing nutrient absorption and causing various health issues.

In recent years, "gluten-free" has become a dietary trend, often touted as a healthier lifestyle choice or a weight-loss strategy. However, going gluten-free is not necessary for everyone and should not be seen as a universal health solution. Sure, if you suffer from gluten sensitivity, a wheat allergy, or Celiac, it makes sense. But it’s not like going gluten-free is this silver bullet diet solution that everyone will benefit from. 

Self-diagnosing a gluten-related disorder and abruptly eliminating gluten from your diet can have some unintended consequences. Doing this can lead to misdiagnosis and overlooking other potential health issues (READ MORE). For instance, symptoms attributed to gluten sensitivity might actually be signs of another condition like endometriosis or lupus. On top of that, adopting a gluten-free diet without proper diagnosis can mask symptoms, leaving the root cause untreated.

If you suspect a gluten-related disorder, the best thing to do is consult a healthcare professional for appropriate testing (READ MORE). Blood tests can identify antibodies typically high in people with Celiac disease and help provide some insight into what might be going on. 

The key takeaway? Listen—we are not saying you should go binge on gluten, especially if you find that you feel better without it. What we are saying is that gluten-related disorders are complex, and gluten-free diets are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Remember, your health journey is unique; what works for one may not work for all.  

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