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"Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together."

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Monday. We are exactly one week away from Christmas. If you are still gift shopping for anyone on your list who loves nacho cheese, here is a gift idea: a bottle of Doritos-flavored alcohol. That’s right—this is not a joke. Doritos actually came out with a spirit that supposedly tastes “like the real thing.” Gross, I know. 

Last minute holiday shopping can be such a headache sometimes. Speaking of headaches, science is getting us closer to understanding how we can keep migraines at bay. Let’s dive in.

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Sleep and Migraines 

Migraines have long baffled both those who suffer from them and the scientists studying them. For years, the exact causes of these debilitating headaches have been somewhat of a mystery. But recent research might finally change that, highlighting a potential key to prevention. And, of course, it is something we talk about all the time on the Daily Tonic: quality sleep.

A groundbreaking study involving over 11,000 individuals who experience at least eight migraines each month has shed new light on the relationship between sleep and migraines. Unlike previous studies that focused on headaches after they happen, this new research took a proactive approach by examining real-time sleep data and the correlation between sleep quality and the possibility of migraine the next day. 

The findings are pretty eye-opening: poor sleep quality significantly contributes to the likelihood of a migraine. The study revealed that for each disruption in sleep, the risk of experiencing a migraine the next day increased by nearly 17%.

This study also shifts the focus from the quantity of sleep to its quality. The study's lead scientist emphasized that the number of hours slept is less significant than how well one sleeps. This is a crucial distinction, as many people mistakenly believe that simply sleeping longer can keep these headaches at bay. 

So, how can one improve sleep quality to reduce the risk of migraines? The answer lies in your evening habits. For starters, limiting exposure to technology at least an hour before bedtime can help. 

Additionally, finishing the last meal of the day about 2 to 3 hours before going to bed can also make a difference. And finally, you have to create an environment conducive to good sleep. This includes keeping the bedroom cooler and darker, which can aid in falling asleep faster and enjoying uninterrupted sleep. 

If these adjustments don’t suffice, there’s something else you might want to try: pink noise. Pink noise is a softer version of white noise, including sounds like wind, rain, or a heartbeat. This stuff isn’t just soothing background noise. Pink noise has some clear benefits that are backed by science. 

One study found that pink noise can accelerate the process of falling asleep. Another study went further, suggesting that pink noise can enhance sleep quality by increasing the amount of deep, slow-wave sleep. This phase of sleep is crucial for feeling rested and rejuvenated.

The key takeaway?  While migraines remain a complex and often individualized issue, this new research offers a simple strategy for those who don’t want these miserable headaches to ruin their holiday season. The research is pretty clear—you have to focus on improving sleep quality. 

By refining bedtime routines, creating an optimal sleep environment, and potentially incorporating pink noise, individuals suffering from migraines could find a natural and effective way to find relief, all while improving other areas of their health at the same time. 

That’s about as win-win as it gets.

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