Is metabolic health the real fountain of youth?

Plus: Can leftovers help you eat less?

Thursday. Here’s a piece of research that might just brighten your day: A recent study suggests that people who laugh more often could extend their lives by up to eight years compared to those who don’t (FIND THE STUDY HERE). That’s one of the reasons we sprinkle humor into these intros—though some days are funnier than others, we’re always aiming for a chuckle or two.

Speaking of things that can help you live longer, what role does metabolic health play in how well you age? Let’s dive in.

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Aging And Metabolic Health

Aging is a natural part of life that we all go through. As we age, our bodies and minds change, but not all changes are the same for everyone. Yesterday, we discussed cognitive decline and how to bulletproof your brain with exercise (MISSED IT? CATCH UP HERE). But even if you do all the right things, age is something none of us can completely escape. 

Some people age faster or slower than others, and scientists have been trying to figure out why. One key factor might be something called metabolic health, which involves how our cells turn food into energy. Good metabolic health helps keep our body's systems running smoothly, while poor metabolic health can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Our metabolic health is linked to how long we live and how healthy we feel as we age. For instance, having problems with blood sugar, which is a huge part of what makes up your metabolic health, is connected to serious illnesses that make up some of the top causes of death in the U.S. So, limiting blood sugar spikes and maintaining good metabolic health could be instrumental in living a longer and healthier life.

So, what exactly happens in our bodies as we age? Over time, our cells become less efficient at doing their jobs. For example, mitochondria, which are like tiny power plants in our cells, don't work as well as we age. This can lead to inflammation and other problems that make us feel and look older. 

But there's more to aging than what happens inside our cells. Our lifestyle choices play a big part, too. For instance, as people get older, they often gain fat, especially around the middle of their bodies (think thighs, waist, and stomach areas). This isn't just because of aging but also because of less muscle mass, meaning our bodies burn fewer calories. Also, being less active can lead to more inflammation, which is the perfect recipe for fat gain and muscle loss. 

Ultimately, chronic diseases are a major reason why metabolic health matters so much as we age. Most people will eventually face diseases like heart disease or diabetes, which are closely linked to how well our metabolism works. The trouble is, once these diseases take hold, they're tricky to reverse. 

But as we discussed yesterday, it’s not all doom and gloom. We have a lot of control over our metabolic health. The solution? Prevent the chronic blood sugar spikes that hurt your metabolic health today so that you can live a longer life tomorrow. By choosing healthy habits, like eating well, exercising, and managing stress, we can keep our metabolism in better shape. This not only helps us look and feel younger but also reduces our risk of serious diseases. It’s about as close as we can get to turning back the hands of time. 

The key takeaway? Aging is more than just growing older. It's about how our bodies handle the challenges of aging at the cellular level and how our lifestyle choices can influence those challenges. By understanding and improving our metabolic health, we can aim for a longer, healthier life.

Isn’t that what we all want? 

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